1)The noise produced by a chicken
2)A phrase expressing greeting, goodbye, and many other random uses any word could be used.
3)A noise produced in form of a race to see which individual can hit the bong first.
Chicken go bawk bawk cow go moo!, chicken go bawk bawk, how bout you?
by BawkBawkMoo April 30, 2003
a blunt abbreviation for 'bare awkward'. used by people from north west london who like to think they're from peckham
"mate...last night i vommed all over the dinner table at this black tie event"

"bro...that is bawk"
by number1asiangangsta January 24, 2012
"No, you continue and your gonna get bawked"
by noinxz January 15, 2009
Also spelled bauked or baulked, means broken beyond repair, zero chance of being fixed.

Can also describe a nyoint that is not smokable or manufactured well.
"don't bother trying to open the door in 123, she s absolutely bawked"

"the roach in that is fucking bauked"
by mddm March 12, 2016
A Chicken bawks a lot when clucking in the afternoon.
by Snapper2001 February 10, 2018
A term Jamaican men use on discord when refering to masturbation.
Dawg mi affi bawk tonight or I have to bawk tonight.
by azriel7777 December 27, 2022
When you wont bitch out, get bullied, or just want to psych yourself into doing something.
Peik Lin: You have to stand up to her and don't get punked. Bawk Bawk Bitch!

Rachel: You're right! I won't give in. Bring it! Bawk Bawk Bitch
by HLAUSF August 21, 2018