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Harwich, a town on Cape Cod, MA.
Yeah Harwich..That WICKED small, over-dramatic town on The Cape with all those stuck up bitches.
by Guess December 29, 2005
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The Demon Knights are a group that started out in the transformer Fanbase on the internet. Unwittingly they helped lay the seeds for the "counter culture" with in that fanbase. The Counter culture being those that wish to just have fun with others of the same interests and not feel as restricted as they are at the "big sites", though not just mere spammers, they are a tight knit group that really pulls together when need is there, but otherwise feel free enough to be themselves and not conform to any "standard" of what a poster should be. They have their own website, and seem to be welcomed for their quasi-celebery on the smaller sites in the fandom.
by Guess August 11, 2003
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that stupid zack kid at skool
zShort is a wining loser with no friends
by Guess November 6, 2003
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i'm from beekman new york, its about 10 miles from the shithole known as poughkeepsie. i go to a school where all the black kids act ghetto and say "whatup nigga" but live in 700,000 dollar houses. upstate is boring and is where most of the criminal activity in the state goes down. if you ever come to dutchess county stay away from poughkeepsie not because its dangerous
( except in the section 8 project developments, which strangly make up the whole city), because the hookers on main street and washington boulevard suck dick like retarded todlers. just a heads up.
kid from beekman: i'm from beekman, where are you from b'otch.

kid from po-town: i'm from poughkeepsie, word nugga that shyte's mad gangsta....wuuut

kid from beekman: thats it, i'm getting the mafia
by Guess November 5, 2004
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n. that yellow ooze at the end of a dog's dick, often surrounded by gnats
Dude, your dog just licked off his gnat butter.
by Guess January 13, 2005
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n. when you insert your penis...into the vagina...and you get a sensation of teeth on your penis....that is a a snaggle-puss...you know what I'm talking about don't you????
yo mama....probably his mama too...oh and you're girlfriend are snaggle-pusses
by Guess January 11, 2005
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