A person who is not very good looking, or not good looking at all. Can typically vary from 'Plain Jane' or 'Average Joe' to somebody who is extremely displeasing to the eye, or plain out ugly. Often quite boring to look at as well, and can be out right ignored as well.
'Not only does Amanda try too hard to be cute and dumb, but she's quite ugly and fat too. Really, she's not much to look at'.
by Ladedada April 8, 2015
The act of over-accessorising as a means to define or express one's level of hipness. TML is often demonstrated by an individual who chooses to don tattoos, piercings, jewelry, scarves, bracelets, ironic graphic t-shirts, fingerless gloves, and other "fashionable" trinkets at the same time.
He's cute and all, but definitely Too Much Look (TML).

Ignoring the sacred fashion rule of taking one accessory off before leaving the house, Shep looked in the mirror and added five more accessories in order to achieve (Too Much Look) TML.
by Peeyag March 1, 2011