it's not much to look at soft but damn that thing can grow
Kinsey pulled Shawn's soft cock out saddened then suddenly she realized he was a big time grower. Now she has something to play with & gag on.
by Kinzeepounder81 February 6, 2019
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A penis that is really, really short when flaccid, but can triple, sometimes quadruple in size when aroused.

something that does exist, much to the disdain of the showers, which tend to be asshole jocks or over confident douchebags.

growers, on the other hand, have low libido, but enough kick in their man cannons to pleasure their woman. watch the magic, from 2 inches to 7. holy shit.
1. (in locker room) dude1: dude, what the hell is that? *laughs*

Dude 2: whatever, i'm a grower.

later that night

Dude 2: watch the magic baby...

chick 1: Damn thats some serious magic!
by Ironic God Guy March 30, 2011
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A person whose penis enlargens and thickens when sexually excited.
Jill: "OMG, you're only 4" fucking inches???"
Jake: "No babe, my dick enlargens and thickens by 78% when erect... er, don't ask how I know... I'm a grower...."
by MickeytheChildhoodRuiner May 15, 2020
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A penis that gets a lot bigger during an erection. Usually smaller than a shower to start with.

See also: Shower
by Ross W December 14, 2003
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someone who's penis becomes considerably longer when erect
he's seven inches flacid but I know for a fact he's not a grower. WYANT 2004 PENIS
by The Pony January 3, 2004
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Someone whos cock is smal while soft and then grows alot as it gets hard
Dude: "I know its small just give me a minute"
Bitch: "Holy god yeah it is...but I'll give u break."
-After an arousing moment
Bitch: "Wow that is one big, fat cock!"
Dude: "Yeah I know im what we call, a grower"
by J Man #1 November 22, 2009
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A grower is a guy whose dick gets considerably bigger when he gets a hard-on.
Matt is a shower, but his friend Connor, is a grower.
by USAF Cadet January 6, 2021
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