1. Rivers Cuomo"I've got the magic in me"
Magic Johnson "Sorry to hear about that Rivers, I am also infected with the magic."

2. "This is where the magic happened." synonymous with " This is where I contracted the AIDS virus".

3. "This is where the magic happens." synonymous with "This is where I spread the AIDS virus."
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole September 25, 2010
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A sexual act in which the male, mid-coitus, jams a syringe full of HIV into his partner's backside, causing him or her to become infected with the virus. Named after HIV positive basketball legend Magic Johnson.
We broke up after i gave her the magic.
by assface April 29, 2004
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I can show you a magic trick.
This button will turn green in...



by Anti.Social.Club6 June 21, 2019
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Earthbound Zero/Mother: Queen Mary's subconcience

Earthbound/Mother 2: Ness's subconcience
Earthbound Zero/Mother: In magicant everyone is your friend.

Earthbound/Mother2: Magicant was born from your mind and all of your thoughts of good, evil, beauty, and sorrow.
by Earthbound Espeon May 14, 2003
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My other answer to everything.
Peson: How... did you get up there?
Me: Magic
Me: Magic
Teacher: How did you get a perfect score on the test? You're either sleeping or talking in class and you've never ONCE done your homework.
Me: Magic.
Me: What did you want me to say? Brain steroids??
by Violetownz January 18, 2008
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A word used when someone cheats or something unexplainable happens.
George: How does Nam win every time?
Jason: MAGIC!
by Seaworth November 19, 2016
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