1. When you gross (like movies)

2. When you gross (doing something disgusting )
1. My new movie is really grossing

2. Stop grossing out the girls, Timmy
by stormychild December 7, 2015
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what I feel after I read every single urban dictionary definition..did you know they even made a "peppermint pussy" definition? like ew almost every definition is sexual
Wow, that definition was gross as expected
by CCNeb December 2, 2021
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Would you date Tom?

Answer...."Hell no!! grossness!!
by Anonymous October 6, 2003
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1. eew, don't touch me, grossness
2. Did you see Zack kissing that girl? eew grossness
by Alberto aloe January 23, 2009
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1. Something disgusting and inducing vomit
2. Something or someone lazy or incorrigible
3. stupid
4. Money made over a period of time
1. His vomiting was so gross, it made me vomit.
2. The worker had gross incompetence.
3. The man was gross and oafish.
4. Titanic is the highest grossing film of all time, somehow
by Slof July 13, 2003
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A different way of spelling "gross". Used only by a few superior scholars who would know this rare spelling.
Wow Hayley always looks so grosse!" "Yeah she really needs to do something with her hair!
by JN33 January 9, 2011
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Gravely deficient in civility or decency : crudely vulgar
Karen doesn't wash her ass as much as she should, she gross.
by Skarpholio March 16, 2020
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