A variation of the phrase " you would ", used in response to an individual's action that one would presume that individual would typically do anyway.

However, "as expected" is significantly less annoying than " you would " which makes you want to punch whoever said it in the face.
Laura: " On the drive home, Shan and Marcus were totally holding each others' peens for support in a totally no homo way "

Allen: " As Expected."
by Allen Bo January 15, 2010
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When people waste time planning for the unexpected and unlikely and totally overlook the obvious, usually looking like a dumb-ass as a result.
Geek: "They said 10% chance of rain today so I packed an umbrella, raincoat, and boots, but forgot my sunscreen. It was hot and sunny all day so I ended up with a wicked sunburn."

Gal: "Expect the expected"
by slamotte July 8, 2012
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a guaranteed way for you to make sure that people will consistently disappoint you
the girl had high expectations of guys; she actually thought that the guy would not actually stomp on her heart and break it.
by smorah June 26, 2010
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What did you expect with no communication ever?

All I expected and still do is bumping into stalker boy ..

Map … lol …

Clearly he was the one following ..

And your defs just say the same as 1/2 years ago yet supposed to either believe it’s you or if it is you .. has any sense of truth to it

Like .. seriously …
Expect … what not to ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 20, 2023
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The thoughts and hopes that go through ones mind before an engagement/party/happening etc. that consist of imagining what it might be like.
The equation to find satisfaction is found by taking enjoyment and subtracting expectation from it. This is to say that one should never expect too much from something.
Ben expected the party to go perfectly as planned. However, the band did not turn up, the drinks table was knocked over, three men were taking to hospital for the consumption of too much whisky an his car broke down on the way back. Although Ben had had a great time there, he found that he was not satisfied with the outcome because he had had very high expectations.
by kikumbob September 6, 2005
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Something that is expected and also a harsh truth that you're forced to accept.
(This is an example using a two person conversation.)

"The new president is a douche bag."

"That's expectable...."

"Why!? Is it because he's a democrat?!"

"No. . . It's because he ran for president; they've all been douche bags since Thomas Jefferson."


"That's not a word. . ."


"Fair enough."
by Chaz Walker August 24, 2008
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