Descriptive of that which is grim.
"Did you see grimness Eastenders last night? Grimness Pauline crying about grimness Arthur again".
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Backing off from a prearranged 50/50 gamble, a "flip", in an unfair way upon realizing that your chance of winning the flip is below 50%.
A: 100$ flip anyone? All-in regardless of cards
B: Agreed
B: Gets dealt King of Spades, 9 of Clubs
A: Gets dealt 5 of Hearts, 2 of Spades
B: Raises to 100$ and is all-in
A: Folds
B: Huh?
A: Uhh, bad connection
B: Dishonest bastard... Brb making sure everyone knows you're a grimming cheater
by Asdf69-666 August 15, 2009
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something that is rank/disgusting/horrid/yuk/mank/rank
eurgh, that soup you made is grim!
by Claireee,x May 10, 2009
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Verb. "To grim" is to have your voice be disconnected (RTC connecting) when on a Discord voice channel or voice call. Originally from the Harry Potter series.
Ahhh, I'm grimming again, let me leave and rejoin!
by eriicali May 24, 2021
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To get stumped with a lot of homework from your teacher.
(Based on Mr. Grimm)
William: Damn, I got a lot of homework from Grimm.
James: Ahahah, you got Grimmed!! You suck! Oh wait,
I'm in his class too! Fuck!
Carlton: What is a doodad? Ahahah you got owned!
William and James: Fuck you.
by teh_james September 16, 2005
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A complement, sometimes used to describe Black Metal music and attitude. Similar to kvlt and tr00.
Transilvanian Hunger is grim!
by Velvokai May 22, 2005
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Something which is a bit shit, not very good, hopeless, crap, bollocks, wank
Jack: Dude I just lost £14,000,000 on the lottery but lost the ticket to a midget in a fight

Sam: Thats grim
by Bacon89 June 06, 2010
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