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A form of hard rock, that started in the early 1990s, with such bands as Korn. Contrary to popular belief, Nu Metal is not actuualy a Metal style, because it evolved from hardcore, which in turn evolved from punk, and not metal.
Nu Metal is closely related to rapcore.
Korn, Limp Bizkit, (new) In Flames, (new) Soilwork.
by Velvokai May 22, 2005

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There are many variations of Black Metal. Some examples:
First Wave of Black Metal (aka Old School): A lot of similarities with Thrash Metal, but the Black Metal is obvious.
Second Wave of Black Metal: Modern-sounding BM.
Black Metal: There is no point in redefining it, since virtually every definition above this, has been dealing with that particular style of BM.
Raw Black Metal: usually very monotonous, unmelodic, with very bad production, and cheaply printed releases.
NSBM: Stands for Nationalist Socialist Black Metal. Is defined by the lyrics, as opposed to music. Lyrics usually deal with various forms of nationalism, racial supremacy, and hate. Often also incorporates such themes as paganism, and the war against Judeo-Christianity.
Folk Black Metal: Any Black Metal with folk melodies or instruments used. Sometimes deals with the same concepts as NSBM.
Viking Black Metal: Any Black Metal with lyrics about vikings. Sometimes uses folk elements.
Symphonic Black Metal: This form of BM is very far from the origins of the genre, often sounding like extreme metal (as opposed to BM), it is uncommon for bands in this category to use an orchestra, or separate orchestral instruments.
Un-Black Metal: Any Black Metal dealing with Christianity (in a positive manner).
Death/Black: There is no uniform definition of that, but basically anything that uses elements of death and black metal together.

There are various less-widespread forms of Black Metal, such as a mixing BM with other styles (Doom, Power, Speed, etc), but it would take too much time to go into such details.
First Wave of Black Metal: (early) Bathory
Second Wave of BM: Darkthrone, Burzum
Black Metal: Darkthrone, Nargaroth
Raw Black Metal: ...Aaaarrghh...,Hate Forest
NSBM: Lutomysl, Absurd (Ger)
Folk BM: Nokturnal Mortum, Finntroll, (late) Isengard (nor).
Viking BM: Ensiferum, (late) Bathory, (late) Isengard (nor).
Symphonic BM: Dimmu Borgir
Un-Black Metal: Antestor
Death/Black Metal: Belphegor, (early) Naglfar (Swe)
by Velvokai May 22, 2005

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A complement, sometimes used to describe Black Metal music and attitude. Similar to kvlt and tr00.
Transilvanian Hunger is grim!
by Velvokai May 22, 2005

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Someone who is not passing the joint (marijuana) in a circle, or keeps it for too long.
hey Tim! stop boggarting that spliff!
by Velvokai May 22, 2005

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A park near Much Music headquarters in Toronto, ON, Canada.
A place where you can ALWAYS get weed.
everyone was dry, so we went to grange park
by Velvokai May 25, 2005

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A slang term for smoking weed used in Southern Ontario.
1: lets go blaze
2: in a sec, im blitzed as it is
by Velvokai May 30, 2005

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A style of music developed from 80s hardcore. Pioneered by such bands as Napalm Death, and Carcass among others.
The music is characterized with very fast guirar riffs, and even faster drums, together with incomprehensible vocals (Some bands use high pitched screaming, some use low pitched growling).
Contrary to popular belief, Grindcore IS NOT METAL. Some bands are, if they are mixing in elements of Death, Black, or other forms of metal, but Grindcore itself is not metal, since it evolved from punk music, and not any style of metal.
Ed Gein, The Berzerker, (early) Napalm Death, Circle of Dead Children
by Velvokai May 22, 2005

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