The luckiest friend or companion you could have. Gorgeous Beautiful girl you will ever meet but she doesn't see it or knows her self worth.very good with anything to do with love and affection and very good at sex. She is an amazing friend and always tries to help everybody with there problems and situations rather than we own. She puts others before she puts her self and is the biggest social butterfly you will ever meet, she is very easy to get along with and can carry a conversation with anybody ,she is also a very easy learner she picks up on things quick . She’s very smart but just doesn’t apply her self to her fullest capability but she has a bright future. Pauline’s are usually shy and quite at first but once you get to know her you would never regret letting her in your life.they love adventuring and spending time with people she is very loyal in friendships and relationships and you can always trust her. They are usually good fighters too and always like to believe there right:). They are usually veryyyy funny and goofy and just over all a good person .if you ever fall for or meet a Pauline never let them go they give life so much more meaning and happiness they you have never felt before :)
Who’s that

O that’s Pauline

Whats she like
She’s one of the best funniest people you will ever meet

She’s 100% your time

Go for it I think you will really like her
by Disney +and chill January 29, 2020
Pauline: someone who's one of the funniest, sweet, strong, sensible person you will ever know. She got this big heart and colorful mind. She is super supportive, creative and beautiful as inside as out! She is always there right when you need her, she will always listen to you and try to help you. What can i say more? Im so grateful someone like her came into my life. She is so wonderful I got no words to describe her.
Someone: Who's your best friend?
Me: Oh, who? Pauline, she's in my heart, my moon.
by gabbygabbyhere March 13, 2018
Is the funniest and smartest girl alive.

She is beautiful and loves YouTube.

She is really tough and buff even if she is not as tall as the others.
she i an amazing friend and you can trust her with any secret (at least most)
she is very attractive and every guy falls head over toes for her,
but she "doesn't want anyone", and she'll say that over and over again that is if she isn't bragging about the guy she made out local social.
Pauline is the best friend you´ll ever get <3
Pauline is Amazing,beautiful,awesome and just a great friend
by Nathan Ebsworth :) May 31, 2017
Pauline's the smartest girl you'll ever meet. She has a great sense of humour and honestly you wish more people would recognise her greatness instead of being jelly little cunts because she's better than them. You'll try to seduce her many times but she's just too good for you.
Person 1: Wow that's Pauline over there!
Person 2: Who? The badass girl talking about underground chinese movies?
Person 1: Yeah!

Person 2: I need to know her...
by Simone G. December 27, 2012
an amazing girl who is easy to fall in love with but doesn't know what she's got, shy and humble shes always considerate of others yet she never settles for anything short of the best
Look, there goes that Pauline and her man.
by Andrew6027 February 3, 2009
Pauline is a tall shy and humble girl. She is beautiful and caring. She likes to keep her emotions inside so her friends don't worry about her. She has smarts that she just doesn't like to use. She is a for sure keeper if you get her. All the boys fall in love with her and its not just because of her beauty, its also her caring, loving, and trusting attitude. Though she may lie some times it is always to keep her loved ones safe. She has many friends and she is very nice and kind to everyone. She never means to hurt anyone if she does. Pauline will stop at nothing to do the right thing. She can become sad some times and lonely, but she will always get through it knowing that she is lucky to be who she is. Pauline is also the kind of girl that would make sure her lover feels loved and appreciated. So, if you ever get a Pauline, love her and treasure her forever, because there aren't many like her.
Guy 1: Do you think Pauline would love me?

Guy 2: Define love. She loves and cares about everyone.
by HelloYouAmazingCreature May 17, 2019
Is the funniest and smartest girl alive.
She is beautiful and loves YouTube.
She is really tough and buff even if she is not as tall as the others.
Pauline is the best friend you´ll ever get <3
by Canary230 December 6, 2013