An exclamation used in the event of seeing something gross or disturbing. Primarily British, with the specific phonetic tone of the word being a result of the British accent.
Closely related to "ew" in both meaning and sound.
"Eurgh, this milk has gone sour."
"Look, those monkeys are going at it! Eurgh!"
by Matterialize July 29, 2006
An English, east anglian battle rapper. Currently president and founder of the Don't Flop rap battle league within the U.K. Is known for impressive freestyle flips and enjoying chewing gum.
Took part in 2007 WRC tournament along with partner Arkaic. (Cheated out of it)
"Eurgh's got mad flips bruv."

"Who raps it darker?"
"That's Eurgh man."
by Gibgib June 14, 2013
When someone is a proper beg it and has no real friends because they always find some way to fuck up a relationship
We was mates but he was a real Eurgh, what a moist dickhead
by notapussyhole August 15, 2019
Some cringey dickhead who doesn't pay his debts
by Somebodyreal August 20, 2019
often used when someone / somebody is in agonising pain
EURGH!” he said as he was tossed towards the wall
by aoiisntkyoko August 2, 2022