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1) An un-namable gadget of some sort, possibly highly technical.
2) Another meaning for father or dad.
Hey, pass me that doodad to your left

Happy doodads day!!!
by Sabz October 24, 2003
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For when you use thingamajig too much, used to refer to an object you can't remember name for.
Can you pass me the thingamajig on the doodad please?
by Tharglet February 15, 2005
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A nameless object, usually used when you're at a loss of words.
" I love those doo dads!"
" You're going to be busing tables, serving food, and all those doo dads."
by noodles and doodles December 01, 2006
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A work friendly word for "testicles"
person 1: "Did you read the news about collecting stem cells from men?"

person 2: "Yeah they can just harvest em' from your doo-dads!"
by dill sack September 20, 2007
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"Doodad" can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective.

adj. You add "-ish" to the end of this word to state an opinion if you're not sure if you like this or not and don't want to insult someone.
n. You can use it for it's common, bland meaning as a nameless object, but you can also call someone a doodad to describe them as call or as uncool.
v. You can use doodad as a verb to describe that you are doing something nameless and/or that you don't want to explain.
adj. "Eh, I suppose it's doodaddish."
n. "Oh my God, he was being SUCH a doodad!"
v. "Nothing much, just doodadding."
by ebkf February 25, 2005
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Office/workplace, non-offensive term for a males testicles or (balls).
My doo dads hurt because they got so much action last night.
by Big Boss J April 18, 2008
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