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Point during a massage session (i.e., asian massage parlour) just preceding the happy ending; whereas the client had spent the previous session time face-down on the table, "the flip" makes reference to one rolling on one's back, thus granting access of the "therapist" to one's family jewels.
"... Afterward she proceed's to give me a light massage which was alright but not her fault she can give a really good one you just have to say harder. Then came the flip and on to CBJ which quickly became a 69. Know I know I'm not the only one who would think this but this girl has got to have the tightest pussy I have every felt, I mean TIGHT!!!"
by toyboy November 02, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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When you have an unexpected boner and you want to hide it so you flip your dick upwards and have you pants waist strap hold your penis down so it is not noticed.
"I got a boner in history and had to do the flip so no one would notice."
by Timmeh tim tim timmeh November 15, 2007
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1. (n) the act of flipping your lights from 18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness to 12 hours of light/12 hours of darkness while growing marijuana to induce flowering.
D: How much higher have your Northern Lights clones grown since The Flip?
C: They were 30 inches when I flipped and are now 50 inches tall.
by Locker420 February 08, 2011
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n: a hair style involving gelling the hair forward and flipping it up in the front. Predominantly seen among conformists on Long Island.
If you are from Long Island, and you have hair; you have the flip.

Dude, that flip almost poked my fucking eye out.
by Boiler Bro Joe May 10, 2004
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Term a person uses when they don't know the technical definition for the rotation of a smartphone screen.
You turned the flip off. :( 0_0
by yurazabeth March 19, 2015
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