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An ugly chick who will fuck anybody
Dude, I got so drunk last night i took some grimbo back to my room and nailed her!
by Adolph Oliver Nipples November 06, 2003
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A term coined by Terrson to represent a form of Jenga where one removes an article of clothing whenever the tower falls.
It was a fearsome sight indeed after the tower fell for the last time, after that, strip jenga was forever banned in the lounge.

<Terrson> My name shall not go down in history as the guy who codified Strip Jenga.
Guess again, Terrson.
by OmniBot August 05, 2008
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Grimbo is a half naked, albino, starved until the verge of death, and put in a cage until needed for slave work type of being. Grimbo can not be defined as anything near human, as it is the exact opposite. Grimbo has no indentifying features such as a micro-penis, etc. etc. There is one way to identify a grimbo, though. It will make a high or low pitch screeching noise quite often. You can tell what emotion or physical state a Grimbo is in by this chart:
Content: Oroororororor
Sad: orrrrrr orrrrr orrrrr oooorrrr orr
Confused: ororr... ororororrorOroroO...
oh no no Grimbo drink too much... GRIMBO DRANKKK TOOOO MUUUUCH
by IndianScammer November 12, 2019
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combination of two words: Grim, meaning ugly. And Bimbo, meaning a girl with loose moral character and less than average intelligence.
I drank twenty beers last night and woke up with some horrible grimbo next to me in bed.
by Lou Stenspayce December 24, 2003
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An insult, meaning short, ugly, retarded and a various amount of other meanings that you can attach to the word Grimbo.
Rob: God Annette is SEXY
Ali: You'll never get her your such a Grimbo!
by Frost Shock February 21, 2010
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Basically just an all round tank at everything. A ‘Grimbo’ can also be referred to as a rhino as a ‘Grimbo’ is said to have rhino strength. To be a ‘Grimbo’ you must have a brother in a gang and your mum must record hedgehog porn. Without these you cannot qualify as a ‘Grimbo’.
Corrrrr that guys such a rhino he must be Grimbo
by Strawberryblonde>ginger November 23, 2017
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This is another way of saying discusting or unhygienic.

If something is really gross
Thst table is grimbo, it needs a clean
Your grimbo get away from me
by NemoLovesChocolate February 26, 2019
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