A totally random, yet mildy amusing entity. (ref: Pete Gress)
'So does anyone have any questions before we begin?'
'Good, 'cause I probably wouldn't be able to answer them'
-gress the tour guide
by DrewBar July 22, 2004
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To Gress is a term used in the Dirty South that means to be under the effects of Ecstasy (MDMA). aka "Gressors", "Gress pills".
"Dawg Im so gressed I feel so good"
"Hey cuz you know where any gression is at?"
"You know where to get some gression"
"Ced while your in the trap I need some gressors"
by Nick Cabrera April 02, 2006
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New term used to describe stagnance. Lack of movement forward or backward. Term can also be used to express melancholy.

The illustrious Thad Senti once posed a question to a colleague - "If progress is moving forward, and regress is moving backwards, what is "gress"? Roy Pereira answered - Stability, no movement, as in 'How are you doing?', reply - 'Just gressing'.
"Your performance has really gressed this year" (performance has neither improved nor gotten worse)

"During the course of this meal, I have noticed that that rock climber has been gressing" (Whilst eating this scrumptious meal the rock climber has neglected to move).

"I must say that I believe your defibulator is broken, as the patient's condition has gressed despite the constant shocks you have been administering" (the patient is dead, please stop shocking him/her).

"How are you doing?" "Gressing, how 'bout you?"

by Roy Pereira March 13, 2006
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Laura Gress is the most beautiful girl you will ever lay your eyes on. She has the cutest smile and the coolest eyes. She makes the best girlfriend and the best best friend that anyone could ask for. She is the most caring and supportive person ever. If you can manage to have Laura in your life you will be blessed.
Omg is that Laura Gress??
by Her lucky boyfriend June 06, 2019
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1) The Vulture
2) One who gives pain in a very left-wing biased way, often entailing shit and history. Whatever the hell that means.
1) Gress-Dog is such a shitdick
2) Gress-Dog is such a shitdick
by Charles DeGaule August 21, 2006
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The best Asain in the world. Her full name is Sasha Lynn Gress and you should add her sc @sasha.gress
BROOO!!! I met this super hot chic named sasha gress and i even got her snap
by AMOS: makayla1183 June 26, 2019
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huggggeeeee penisssss
tyler gress has the hugest penis anyone has seen and hes very sexy
by xxx3369 November 10, 2021
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