Used as a replacement for Cuss/Swear word's on message board forum's. Ced(moderator) had the shortest name and so became the standard for self censorship.
I am <ced> faced.

You stupid <ced.>
by Ced July 16, 2004
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The "Capacitance Electronic Disc" system, invented by RCA; also known as 'SelectaVision' and 'video records.'

RCA was trying to edge out the pre-existing VHS and LaserDisc formats, but ultimately failed in the long run. The format lasted from 1981 until 1986, and about 1700 titles were released on CED.

Movies came in large plastic caddies, which you inserted, as a whole, into a CED player, which disengaged the disc from the caddy when you pulled it back out (so you wouldn't touch the disc with your bare hands, which could cause disc damage.) A stylus picked up the audio/video data from the disc, which spun at 450 RPM.

To remove the videodisc, you simply push the caddy back into the player, and the disc re-engages itself in the caddy.

Like a CLV laserdisc, CEDs have one hour of content on each side... but you must remove and re-insert the disc upside-down, to continue playing (like with the early laserdisc players.)

If a film ran over two hours by a significant amount of time, it was released on a set of two CEDs. Otherwise, time compression was used to fit the movie onto one disc.

The estimated life of a CED videodisc is 500 playings. Not too bad.
CEDs are some of the quirkiest, coolest retro technology you'll ever come across!
by Jason L. March 20, 2005
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Someone with ced may have both anorexia and compelled eating among many other combinations of two or more
by ZammmTruth October 18, 2019
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Cosmetic Effect of Distance/Darkness/Drunkenness/Desperation. A very versatile expression, used to explain away why you slept with that butt ugly dude/girl you just saw walking down the street.
ZOMG, I can't believe I made out with that guy. Total C.E.D. I guess I should calm myself with those tequila shots from now on.
by pan man April 15, 2015
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Dave: alright sexy, do you wanna play with my ten inch

Girl: god your such a twat

Girl to friends: i hate CED
by SusieSnowflake August 22, 2009
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