When you pull the penis out of one's bum and there are some fecal remnants on it
Iggy Cardenal got shitdick from Gaby.
by iggymessedup December 16, 2016
When the porta potty is full to the brim and you sit down to take a shit, you get shitdick.
I once used a porta potty at a festival and got shitdick.
by SL_VP February 12, 2020
when u cornhole someone and pull out with extras
"i funked some nasty ghetto ho in the arse, and got poopdick!"
by condomkid September 19, 2003
The state of a penis after penetrating a rectum without a condom
I fucked her in the ass but I was left with shitdick
by Zarmanov May 20, 2003
Deregatory term used for men of the homosexual persuasion.
Look at those two shitdicks over there - you know they're gonna be packing each other's asses tonight.
by Kurt December 31, 2005
after a gay man has sex with his immigrant love slave, he has shit all over his dick
You my fine sir are a shitdick
by sproranher February 23, 2003