To be sentimental. It is largely used in the Indian population.
Yaar, I love listening to these senti songs.
by Tacozz January 12, 2017
The act of getting sentimental, or a word used to describe someone who often finds themselves in sentimental situations.
Everybody fuck off we're in the middle of a senti here
by shanediesel69 December 12, 2016
Senti is a slang word in Oriya language largely spoken in the east Indian state of Odisha. Senti means clitoris, the sensitive organ just abve the opening of a woman's vagina.
Mo Balika bandhu Ta Senti chati baku kahibaru Mu Senti ra pratham darshana kali
(I had the first glimpse of my girl friend's clitoris which she asked me to lick.

Banda Bia tana tani,
Senti bajaye Khanjani
{If the clitoris is properly stimulated before the act of copulation (before Banda i.e. penis penetrates the Bia i.e vagina,) its joy knows no bounds.}

Senti ta Senti Namita Senti,
Maha maha Banda padibe jhunti.
by Robert Marker February 6, 2013
Coe is all senti y'all didn't invite him
by Joshiepoo69 November 27, 2019
A shortened term for the term "sentimental," derived from the confidence and ability to outwardly express emotions, relating to, or from the heart. Such a condition is inherent in most women, but also may be prevalent in men or boys who grow up in an environment conducive of senti-ness. Such environments include those of the Inner Western Suburbs of Sydney. (Namely Baulkham Hills)
(phone rings)

Dude 1: OI WTF?!?! why do you have Taylor Swift as your ringtone

Dude 2: Leave me alone man, her joyous voice penetrates my soul and engulfs my heart into an aura of ecstasy

Dude 1: Sigh, your such a senti...
by MazerratiPussyPoppin August 11, 2010
To be awesome rich and going sweat in a game
I’m so Senti
by Itz_ SentiGod July 25, 2020
There are so many ways to feel senti which means "to feel" in Punjabi.
Some super hot people especially because of eyes have senti eyes and smiles when they are super happy. These Punjabi people are very cool.

Senti is about using your all. Lick your teeth in a sexy way and feel good instead. This feeling is internal.

Senti can also demonstrate a Good feeling.
Assi (group) senti hope jad dj ne music bajiya.
by GEO8234 March 24, 2023