A very particular breed of human being who lives for the spirit adventure and for the adrenaline along with it. Fingers of steel, forearms like Popeye, they seek the raw experiences of an earlier time. Some call them crazy, others admire them.
Rock climbers are a cross between hippies and athletic risk takers.
by Jackknife Merle September 5, 2014
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The male version of a bag chasing whore...the rock climber is always willing to do whatever it takes no matter how heinous or preposterous the request to obtain a bag of street drugs..doesn't matter how minut the bag is the rock climber will do whatever it takes..
Look at that rock climber go at that dick like no other to get that pebble of meth...
by tex WHITE August 25, 2017
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When one guy climbs up the other guy’s cock, then boobs, and the rest of the body and proceeds to make love to him
Roger and Alfred played the gay rock climber to travel up the bed
by Cole. July 18, 2009
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A person at your local rock climbing gym who brags and constantly brings up other people's failures and their own small accomplishments in order to make themselves feel better. Brags and makes others feel sorry for even participating in this amazing sport. Most of the time is a male.

The Gloating Douche bag Rock Climber does not brag by choice. He needs to brag in order to sexually arouse himself because he has no confidence in himself unless he his gloating.

Often extremely insecure and rarely gets laid.

Often uses terms like "fag, donkey balls, knob gobbler, scrotum sucker, gay, and homo" to belittle others while simultaneously hinting that they are confused about their own sexuality.
Gloating Douche Bag Rock Climber: Hey I think I'm the BEST in the climbing club out of everybody that just started. They all suck donkey balls except for me. I'm better than you too. Aren't I?? Aren't I??

Person: Yes you climb very well, the others are climbing well too.

Gloating Douche bag: What the fuck fag!? I'm like 10 times better than you, You can't climb half the shit I climb, you're so gay! I'm the Best you cock juggler!

Person: Rock climbing is about having fun and being the best you can be; not about comparing yourself to others to arouse yourself. you are a disgrace to the sport. Goodbye.

Gloating Douche bag: Fuck yeah I'm the best. Better masturbate in the gym's bathroom before this boner goes away!
by Zeus717 February 18, 2011
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