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A ghetto place that if you stay there too long you get trapped there. The people and circumstances bring you down. You make friends with someone they ask you for a ride to work. You get profiled and pulled over. Dude has drugs on him and sticks it in your glove box. Cops arrest both of you. Now you got a felony and can't get financial aid to go to college. You end up working at the local McDonald's. Now you trapped. Dude asks you for a ride to work because it's the trap and doesn't want to walk. You say no. He gets fired for being late. Now you got beef and get mugged by his homies. Now you scared to go outside so you don't get mugged again. So you stay in the house and it feels like you are trapped there. That's the trap house. A lot of times people end up selling drugs in the trap house. They fortify it with armed people making little safe places in an otherwise dangerous area.
Nobody wants to live in the trap.

You can take a man out the trap, but can't take what the trap did out of the man.
by Ghetto translator March 21, 2017
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in,atlanta it means the the place where,sell,drug,s,like gucci mane say in my trap house is ahouse where,u sell drug,s
i was in the trap all night trying 2 get that money
by joey bezzle May 16, 2006
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A place that keeps you unnoticeably detained all night.
i.e. a strip club, and or some Ho's house
Man i did not get home until 4am last night. I got caught in the trap.
by CP of jax September 28, 2006
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The worst type of trap ever. Similar to The Game in the sense that it is inescapable. It can only be executed by the best trappers, however, and is very difficult to produce.
I fell for The Trap, and now I'm stuck forever!
by AnonyMan543 May 09, 2010
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The Trap

When a self indulged, narcissistic person makes a statement, that leaves open an obvious question, so that when you ask the obvious question, they can continue talking about themselves. At length. Sometimes in a woe is me way. These people all need a high five. With a shovel.
The Trap, "My neck is soo sore, ugh"
Kate, "Why is your neck so sore...?"

The Trap,"Oh, I was sucking off -insert popular actor- last night, it was crazy!"

The Trap," I can't go back to that bar..."
John," Ugh, ok, I'll bite, 'why can't you go back to that bar?"

"Oh, I was there last week and such and such, and blah blah blah, and dskjfas;lfk"

The Trap, "I am so happy!"

John, "I'm not falling for that shit! Go away!"
by Sundog_ August 21, 2014
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