West Midlands slang word for rockers, bikers, greasers etc. In the late 1980s it was used by the UK music press to refer to a specific scene centered around the bands Pop Will Eat Itself and Crazyhead. The term never found favour with readers of 'the inkies' (Sounds, Melody Maker and the still extant NME) and was soon dropped. Now often used in predominantly working-class areas of the midlands and the north to mean someone who listens to rock-derived music and/or dresses in a manner that suggests they affiliate themselves with rock music of some kind.
Some grebo passed with Sabbath playing on his stereo.
The Poppies are at no. 17? God, a grebo band in the charts!
They're playing nu-metal now, bloody grebos!
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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I myself was classed as a a GREBO in the late 70's onwards (even more so when another UK youth sub-culture The MOD'S movement began (again) who hated Rockers/Bikers).
My favorite bands of the time included Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc.
Long hair, leather jackets and raggy jeans (biker look) being the uniform of the day.
I understood that the term GREBO was a derogative name (abbreviation of- GREASE BOY, meaning dirty),given by so called straight boring idiots with no sense of musical taste and thought processes!
This term derived from the old Rock and Roll Teddy Boy bikers (GREASERS-meaning covered in bike oil and/or Brylcreamed hairstyle!).
In the late 80's early 90's- UK Midlands Bands took up the GREBO banner- bands such as- POP WILL EAT ITSELF, GAYE BYKERS ON ACID, CRAZYHEAD, THE BOMB PARTY,BOMB DISNEYLAND, BOMB EVERYTHING.
Motorhead- classic original GREBO band.
by Greg Claassen April 27, 2008
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A blanket term used in Birmingham, England to describe goths/skaters/alternatives. Generally used by pikeys (kevs and shazzes), trendies and others, in disgust.
"Ew! Look at them dirty grebos!"
by Seanio March 21, 2004
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1: A word used by chavs/trendies to describe anybody who is not a chav or a trendy. These include goths, skaters and any other form of identity.
2: Another word to describe a punk
3: Someone who listens to Green Day
"Dude, you have baggy jeans, you got rid of your baseball cap, you listen to Green Day - your a totaly grebo!"
by Writa September 21, 2005
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when used here in (h)ull it means any one whos into metal, nu-metal or industrial.
Although in secondary school it also means any mini-mosher whos got a taller mohawk or longer hair than overs.
Only ever used by townies, tegs, tards, or trendies trying to look hard! (the clue is in the 'T's)
"look at thouse sweaty moshers following the grebo mate round trying to look hard!"
by revenant April 28, 2004
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1. another word for punk, goth, rocker ect..
2. better class of people than chavs
3. An asshole administrator from the green day authority chat.
1. the electric guitars in this song rule \../(+.+)\../
2. dirty fuckin retarded chavs
3. oh no, its grebo =(
by daniel grebo April 1, 2006
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A biker that owns a harly moterbike and has a long bushey beard, wears leather overalls and goes to biker pubs.

chav point of view: anyone who has long hair and/or wears a black hoody with the word- slipknot, korn, nirvana. on it
Chav: get away from me you filthy fucking grebo
Skater: a grebo is a biker
by Matthew Gallagher May 25, 2005
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