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probly the best '77 style band around, they combined deep political lyrics with fast, agressive and catchy music.
possibly the one of the best punk bands around right now!
I wish anti-flag would come to (H)ull so we could go see!
by revenant April 23, 2004
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Exelent Punk band whos feminst and angst filled lyrics make the sole change colour!
The distillers concer in leeds was f**king amazing!
by revenant April 23, 2004
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when used here in (h)ull it means any one whos into metal, nu-metal or industrial.
Although in secondary school it also means any mini-mosher whos got a taller mohawk or longer hair than overs.
Only ever used by townies, tegs, tards, or trendies trying to look hard! (the clue is in the 'T's)
"look at thouse sweaty moshers following the grebo mate round trying to look hard!"
by revenant April 28, 2004
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A weekly meeting of the lads Originaly held on a friday nights in Frosts trailor-tent coss I think it was the only time Al was aloud out to play, but now they happen like 4 times a week in a viriaty of places like Bosses house on thursdays, Frost house on a week end, and Joes house most Fridays.

Can invole alot of beef and often high quanties of alcohol (if Garton turns up that is)
D:"I know whats going on!"

Garton:"I DONT! I LOVE GATHRINGS! WOOOOOOOO!.....Now pay me for the motorhead ticket so I can get wasted!"

D:"Ok then"
by revenant April 27, 2004
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the magic green herbs that allow us to say stuff like "look at that turtoise i mean tortle...AHHHH wat am i saying?"
mosher b smoking beef!
by revenant April 27, 2004
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The greatest home made bong the world has ever seen.
possibly because of their GCSE science lessons, or possibly becuase they're just great, the creators managed to design a bouble barreled ice chamber bong with only 2 bottles, 2 viros, and a bit of masking tape!
Joe get the Newkie-beef out, I fancy a sess!
by revenant April 23, 2004
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aka: 'the group', 'the guys', or 'those dirty litle stoners'

A crowd who mainly hang about wolferton 6th form, pertending they're all gonna go to Uni and be sucessfull. But in realty their lifes are in a current state of total chaos and have been ever since the introduction of Frost and Joe into the group (aka: the beef barrons.)

The group varies in size depending on the mount of beef brought to any one event, or the likly hood of the individual members to get in (eg Frost never gos to Spiders, and Wanye never goes anywhere cool!)

Although given the name 'the lads' they now consist of nearly as many girls, namely, Ollie, Gemma and Irene.

The lads would like to appoligise for any inconviences/arguments/fights/mass destuction/holocausts they might be responsable for.
They justifie all acions with one simple phrase (as used by Boss man in court case on Monday): "WE'RE ABOVE THE LAW!!!!"
Al:"wheres the gathering this week?"

Frost:"Not at mine!"

Joe:"in my shed then"

Al:"Eeeeeeeeeeeeasy now! Ill call the lads"
by revenant April 27, 2004
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