someone who just loves rock n' roll. listens to every and all types of it and appreciates every bit of it. doesn't really discriminate any genre of it or any particular album. just loves the sound of a guitar and drumsticks hitting the snare head. a type of true musician that the world needs more of.
I'm a rocker. Not emo. Not goth. Not punk. Not a poser. I just love rock n' roll in any way shape or form, and I wish there were more people who look at rock n' roll the way I do.
by acoustaking October 28, 2008
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a person who listens to any type of rock music. typically associated with goth, punk, and other subcultures. rockers have existed in many forms throughout the years and have often found themselves at odds with "rappers," as the musical interests clash. however, this is not true for all rockers, as some listen to rap as well as rock. currently, many rockers have been subjected to the accusation of being a "poser," because it is believed by many that a rocker only listens to one type of rock (ie. a punk might call a metalhead a poser). this is not true for all. rocker is general term, which can be confusing for some who try to understand the fine line between a rocker and a poser. Persecution of your own kind is a common affair with these people. You can find ten to twenty different rockers who have virtually nothing in common; conversely, you may find many rocker cliques in an area.
I am a rocker yet I find it unnecessary to hang with other rockers, and am insulted when people assume that I do.
by jenny January 25, 2004
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Before i get started, Rocker is not a label, its a just... a way of life!
The term Rocker applies to any person who genuinely likes listening to any type of rock music over other types of music, but not ruling out other music styles. There are many types of of Rockers such as Goths, Emos, Indies, Moshers, Punks, Metalheads and Hippies to name a few, it is not uncommon for the different types to argue amongst each other yet there can be also great friendships between different types. A person who has no affiliation must not be confused and take in that a certian group of rockers are infact posers or wanabees for this is an insult or term to call one fake or shallow and not being themselvs. Most Rockers are generally at odds with groups such as Chavs, Jocks and scallies because those groups are generally dickheads, wankers and/or scumbags!!!
Here are a few sterotypical pastimes of each type of Rocker (which are not true) -

Goths - Eating disorder, self harming, making sacrifices to Satan, Attention seeking

Emos - Faking depression, crying over nothing, trying to fit on those tight black jeans without ripping a hole in the croch area... and failing!

Indies - Critising other peoples tastes in anyting, worring about labels, being a snob

Metalheads - Playing Ozzy Osbourne and Children of Bodom at full volume out of a 140wt guitar amp at 1am, being the most egoistacal bastards ever, have atleast 8 plectrums with them at all times
by Daniel Mercer August 17, 2005
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a person who excels in everything (s)he thinks and does, and most probably also has the coolest personality and attitude
She's quite a rocker -- she emerges as the top of the pack pretty much all the time despite her physical confines.
by Emonga October 21, 2010
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Someone who loves Rock And Roll, and all the things around it, the music of course, clothes, cars, bikes, behaviour...
I'm a rocker, not a rapper!!!!!
by DocVics February 10, 2004
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A chair mounted on rockers or springs so as to permit a person to rock back and forth while sitting. Formally known as a rocking chair.
My grandmother loves her rocker.
by SexxxMuffinz September 7, 2006
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Any individual who enjoys listening to rock music. Rockers may also enjoy other genres of music, but usually feel the strongest connection rock music, the term rocker usually has associations with "Emo kids" and/or "Goth" kids, this is not always the case, many rockers are of neither of the above listed groups, but bear in ,mind that anyone in the above mentioned groups are rockers,
As a side note rockers usually dont associate or "get along" with rappers and are often fighting one another over their difference in musical preferance, others prefer not to fight about somthing so personal (me being one of them)
Guns & Roses=Rockers
Black Sabbath=Rockers
Ozzy Osbourne=Rocker
50 Cent=<u>NOT</u> a rocker
by Taren August 4, 2006
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