A beautiful, mischievous girl who is incredible wise and intelligent. Everyone wants to be her and wishes that they looked like her.

She's an innocent looking,friendly, funny and loving girl but you don't want to be her enemy!
'Wow I wish I was like harly!'
by Ssh...girl November 30, 2014
A beautiful girl with an amazing personality. She is very fun to be around and always keeps things exciting. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes you will ever see. She is an all around great person.
Anyone who gets the priviledge of dating Harli is lucky.
by amonys November 29, 2011
This girl will listen to your problems, go on any adventure, very open minded, the most honest person you know and the sweetest bitch. She's just an all around bad bitch.
by Green_guy89 May 8, 2018
Such a lovey girl, always there for people when the need a helping hand, so so gorgeous, and a heart of gold, can be a bad influence at time, but just wants to have a bit of fun, no one will lighten up your day more, such a nice girl and will go to any extent to make you smile
by Random_user9182 December 11, 2017
A truly amazing girl that any guy would be lucky to have. Cute, funny, and has a great sense of humor. Can sometimes be a bad influence.

Also, loves how you smell.
I met this awesome girl, her name's Harlie!
by sirmisterperson August 22, 2011
Harlie is described as an amazing girl with a great personality and a loving heart She has a Smoking hot Body and is very modest about it. She always knows how to put a smile on somebodies face and she is the Best girlfriend in the world. Any body Who Gets a Harlie girl needs to keep her.
Are you dating a Harlie? Man you are so lucky.
by OneHourPower June 22, 2018
The most amazing girl in the universe!!! Like seriously even if you're mad at her all you have to do is look in her eyes that are the same color as the deepest ocean and all of your anger just evaporates... She is the most amazing sister anyone could ask for… And if you're lucky enough to date one then feel like the most prized possession is in your reach… Never break her heart, because she WILL break your face
That girl is such a Harli! I wish I could have her in my arms.
by Avinalexx August 14, 2016