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apparently he's from conneticut, and somewhat closet homosexual. Eminem mentions him in several songs and skits.
ken seems to have a love/hate relationship with eminem.

there are rumours that he is in fact a real person who has an album titled 'the ken kaniff show', but details are sketchy.
'this is ken kaniff from the internet, tryna' lure your kids, into bed with him'
'guess who's back, back again, ken is back, tell some men, rub my back, rub my back, rub my back...'
'you want me to lick your ass, *eminem*?'
by me old fruity August 16, 2005
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ugliest car known to man. looks somewhere between a blob, an alien and that fat girl that never got asked to dance at parties so just sits in the corner giving her prettier friend evil eye. nissan are responsible for this 6 seater monstrosity.
my ex at NEC Motor Show to prospective buyers of Multipla: leave it alone, its fat and ugly.
me: snigger.
by me old fruity August 2, 2005
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a group of morons in close proximity, behaving as morons do. the muppet show can often be seen at said morons natural habitats, such as:

1. chav infested shopping centres on saturdays
2. 'up town' on a friday night outside a nightclub
3. political gathrings, especially if George W Bush is in the vacinity (though he is by no means the only culprit, just the biggest.)
person a: why has that lad got bounced from a nightclub for being blatantly underage, staggered into the road swearing, flashed his arse at the police and got arrested whilst his fat girlfriend screams and hammers the riot van with her fists?

person b: the muppet show must be in town.
by me old fruity December 20, 2006
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one who is screwed, make a regrettable mistake.
from nas saying he backed ja rule in the 50 cent/ja rule beef, only to have ja rule turn around and diss him, leaving nas screwed on both sides.
guy a: 'ha ha look at that fugly heiffer!'
guy b: 'thats my mama'
guy a: 'oh no, i just dropped a nas!'
by me old fruity August 3, 2005
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someone who couldn't find their arse with both hands.
by me old fruity August 3, 2005
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whack-ass rapper from the dirrrrty south, famous for his song 'tipsy', can't pronouce words properly, aka 'chingy's retarded younger sibling'
J-Kwon: you dunt curr ima p.i.m.p!
translation 'you don't care that i'm a pimp'
by me old fruity July 30, 2006
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Gwen Stefani's creepy little Japanese pets. The ones that throw on all the outfits they own at once.
'i'll get me 4 harajuku girls too, uh huh'-rich girl
by me old fruity July 25, 2005
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