Someone lacking so much of a clue they don't know ass from tit. Completely lacking in gorm.
Salesman: You're gormless

Josh: gormless?

Salesman: Yes! You've got no gorm!
by JaD August 05, 2018
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A person, male or female, whose intellect is sub-par. They say and do things that make you scratch your head. They have the tendency to either drool and/or accumulate that white stuff at the corners of their mouth. They tend to be slovenly people with no sense of style and their bodies tend to look asexual.
1. "Fuck me, look at that gormless bastard, what is that?"
2. "Is that a boy or a girl?"
3. "Are those tits or man tits?"
4. "I wouldn't fuck that gormless bitch with a ten foot bargepole"
by Dick Splash 2 June 13, 2009
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