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A person that acts without any care of what'll be the consequences of what he's doing. Also a stupid, superficial, dull person.
1. Oh, damn! You act like you're brainless! Don't you think about what will happen if you do that?

2. That boy's brainless. I suggest you to not go out with him.
by KD Squib August 28, 2005
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A backflip with a 180 degree turn on a ramp, a rollerblading trick.
That grommet just did a brainless!
by Kody_Bank's_Girl November 25, 2005
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People with no brain, idiot, dumb...
Or, people dressed like homeless listening bad reggea, anytime sleeping, with antique shoes (nastase for exemple), and who have a strap in his hair, like youg school girl...
and who is a looser at 'trivial pursuit'.
toumeuh is a 'brainless'.
by pozi October 19, 2006
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An old english term for academics who herald from Marmesbury. (A town in England) a "jonny runny poo" is a rare breed. Usually found in any university library, flicking through back issues of country life, this creature adores all things Wildean, debauched and longs to marry a ho ming from Pobo.
Come here Jonny Runny Poo, stop being so brainless.

by FOSHIZZLEMANIZZLE October 30, 2006
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Joao is brainless because he’s doesn’t have a brain
by eimaikoukla September 22, 2018
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When someone has been really dumb and stupid and they are more than brainless

(Actxve_sam go-to word)
by January 4, 2021
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the people who are in the flat earth society
"im apart of the flat earth society"
"no wonder why your (brainless)"
by human clone of a donkey March 18, 2019
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