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Trouble-maker. One who adds fire to oil during peace time to create trouble.
Everything was fine until she came and started those rumours. Such a shit stirrer.
by NellyOdell March 19, 2013
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one who manipulates events to cause trouble for other people for their own amusement
she told me my missus was baggin off on me, but I reckon she's just a skanky shit stirrer, so I didnt bother doing anything about it.
by My May 12, 2003
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a person who tries to make situations in which people disagree even worse.
What a shit stirrer! She’s gone and told my trouble and strife that I was with another chick at the party.
by quan cao tien August 25, 2010
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Description of a person who has absolutly no purpose in life. So they set out their own goal to shit on other people and take others for granted in the process.
He just couldn't stop shit stirring. Matt would say what he felt. Then that PRICK came along and twisted his truth. That Jackass is a proper Shit Stirrer.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015
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This is a support worker,(i use the term loosely), who causes no end of trouble by running to the management (like the wee girl in class who is always snitching to the teacher). Usually this 'thing' is called Lesley no pals. She has frizzy, greasy hair and what teeth she has left are like a row of condemned houses. This Lesley is another example of the 'OSFL' fan club.
"Holy fuck Lesley, take your tongue out of Odd's arse". Lesley replied, "it's ok, that's my job, i'm a shit stirrer"
Whats that smell, surely everyone can smell it? Oh no here comes the shit stirrer.
Oh no what's that deafening, monotone noise coming down the corridor, oh it's just the shit stirrer, quick run and hide. Remember always shut your mouth when she's here.
by victim of the OSFL February 28, 2008
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.see homo, poo pusher, ChadKroeger
"i am a man and my boyfriend is such a shit stirrer, yeah he stirs my shit inside my arse with his little pinny knob oh baby wank me off"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
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