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A word originating in the Canadian junior hockey culture, generally regarding the shitstorm that takes place after the games.
Last night sure was a gongshow.

Get ready for a gongshow after the game tonight lads.
by Sergant Dangles July 25, 2006
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An event marred by confusion,ineptitude,and shenanigens.
Fuck dude, we got Creepy to try to record some of our shit, it turned into a two week gong show.
by The Gargler March 20, 2004
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Actions that show, create, or contribute to a sloppy, drunken mess.
Andy: "Dude! Look at all those fucking cars- I'm never gonna find mine."

Alex: "We shoulda parked closer to the bar. FUCK."

Brandon: "Focus guys we didn't drive. We took the ferry."

Sober people watching: "What a gong show."
by Aubs1 August 08, 2006
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the term gong show is widely used in the hockey locker rooms across canada. it has become the nickname of many out-of-control young men. while mainly used by hockey players, the common person may use it in everyday conversation. to be a gong show, one must be able to pull the chute, as well as be crazy, stupid, loud, obnoxious, annoying, out of control, confused, a frequent streaker, terribly unlucky, inept, a drunk, a lazy ass, or any combination of all of these
spence is a definite gongshow. tonight, at dinner before the game, he choked on a piece of chicken, coughed it up into his nasal cavity, blew it out his nose, and ate it again. in the game he got in a fight, broke a guys leg, and scored a goal. afterward, he put on his pink sunglasses and hopped in the shower with the team, then ran naked through the rink giggling like a little girl.
by tex July 24, 2004
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Slang term which means " everything is chaos." Mostly heard and used in Canada
When I walked in on Adam and Ian they were having a gongshow of a power shower.
by N/A June 20, 2004
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Used to describe a situation that is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control. Originates from the 1970s variety show of the same name, though some users many not be aware of the source.
Amelia: My love life is such a gong show!

Nazarine: Really? You have a studio audience in your bedroom, and you bang a large gong for boyfriends who can't cut it?

Amelia: Don't be ridiculous, Naz. I mean, it is LITERALLY a gong show. It is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control.

Nazarine: Oh, I see.
by E.T. Mole February 18, 2013
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