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The cheesebar is the top bar across the top of a hockey net (usually refered to as a crossbar). If your a hockey player and you don't go cheesebar down then there really isn't a reason to score, you might as well of just stayed home. Cheesebar and in or nothing.

Going Cheesebar is also one of the three ways to score on pond hockey (or backyard rink hockey), or when the goalie is an asshole and doesn't show up, forcing people to go posts.
"Wow Yzerman just went cheesebar down on that sick goal."
"Jeff couldn't hit the cheesebar if his life depended on it. Way to be Jeff, just live the dream."
by Sergant Dangles January 16, 2007
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Probably the greatest Junior B hockey team to ever play hockey. Based out of Kitchener, the Dutchmen are the biggest snipeshows in the league.
"Lets go Dutchmen. Dutchies in five."
by Sergant Dangles January 16, 2007
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A word originating in the Canadian junior hockey culture, generally regarding the shitstorm that takes place after the games.
Last night sure was a gongshow.

Get ready for a gongshow after the game tonight lads.
by Sergant Dangles July 26, 2006
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Jumping in the St. Clair River (between Sarnia and Port-Huron) from the breakwall at the point and letting the current take you under the BlueWater Bridges. This is typically done on the Canadian side of the border as they Americans are pussies and can't handle swimming in the middle of a frieght-ship route. Other activities surrounding the river-run include bridge jumps (from the base of the bridges anchors), and also Cove-runs (a river run which is twice the distance and starts at the Canatara Cove). Although typically viewed as dangerous, due to the current, possible undertow, waves, and large quantities of boats and ships that pass down the river, it is normal to view hundreds of people doing river-runs every day. They are also most popular at night between 9pm and 2am, just to add to the fun.
"Lets hit up the bridges for some river run tonight around midnight."

"Wow, the Americans are the biggest pussies in the world for not doing river runs. What type of retard can't handle this little swim."
by Sergant Dangles January 16, 2007
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A hockey word commonly used to describe "Slots" after he's sniped another goal cheesebar down in overtime (most likely short-handed). It is tough to gain the nickname snipeshow, you have to either earn it by going top shelf all the time, by giving yourself the nickname, or being stupid like Jeff and stealing it.

Now regarded as the Self-proclaimed snipeshow, the legend of "Slots" will go down in history as the first of the snipeshows.
"Wow Slots you certainly were a snipeshow tonight."
"Jeff definitely is a snipeshow wannabe. Way to try and steal the glory Jeff."
by Sergant Dangles December 20, 2006
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