on seeing a large group of blondes together
carla: blonde day out!

on seeing a group of people all wearing skinny jeans
orlaith: skinnies day out!
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
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Something happens continually, without interruption or stop.
It is raining from the morning.

Shit! how can we go out when it rains day in day out?
by ArisenAhubudu March 14, 2011
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Australian music festival. A tradition, a rite of passage, a necessity to any Aussie music fan. Consistently attracts the biggest artists in the world.
Past acts have been Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Korn, Metallica, The Strokes, The Prodigy, Blink 182, At The Drive-In, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age.
This year saw Beastie Boys, Slipknot, System of a Down, Chemical Brothers, The Hives, The Streets and more visit the best country in the world.
"Are you going to the Big Day Out this year?"
"Hell yes."
by me January 29, 2005
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The biggest, and best music festival in Australia. It tours Australia and New Zealand every year, and has some of the best music acts around. This year was the best ive been to, with The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Tool, Jet, Muse, Evermore, Eskimo Joe, The Presets, Lily Allen, Hot Chip and Sick Puppies.
The day runs from 10am till late, and features about 5 stages, so theres always someone good to listen to.
Plus, theres awesome rides and stuff if you get tired of the mosh environment!
Best day of the year!
I listened to The Killers from the top of the ferris wheel at Big day out '07. It was mad!
by Laurrr April 12, 2007
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When bookies have a lot of the roughie/longshots/horses with high odds come in. Thus bookies winning large amounts on any given race day.
Was certainly a bookies day out , every favorite I bet on wasn't even in the money.
by Seditious11 September 2, 2017
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The 27th of every month is daddys day out, so beware! If he sees you.... game over! Stay inside on daddys day out!!!!!
Billy: what's the date?
Sally: the 27th
by #1GoblinBoy July 26, 2018
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A strange and rare pornographic film that is very hard to locate.It involves Walt Disney going around Disneyland Park having sexual intercourse with random guests by bribeing them with lifetime tickets.It is often disscused wether or not this film really exists or not, but it has been proven that it exists, for only a handful of copys were ever created, but some bootleggers have made digital dvd copies.It was said to be made in 1961,5 years before Walt Disneys death, suprisingly, he was 60 years old when having sexual intercourse with all of these people.
A strange pornographic film called Walt's Day Out
by strangedisneyfacts June 2, 2009
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