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A clause in an executive's employment contract specifying that he/she will receive large benefits in the event that the company is acquired and the executive's employment is terminated. These benefits can take the form of severance pay, a bonus, stock options, or a combination thereof.
Larry Johnston, the biggest douche bag in the world is getting a 120 million dollar golden parachute for destroying Albertsons, one of the largest grocery chains in America.. Fuck him..
by Max "Fuck You" B. June 05, 2006
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An obscenely brobdingnagian severance package to an incompetent corporate executive who has been dismissed due to an egregious act(s) of greed. Golden parachutes, often ranging in the billions of dollars, are given to CEOs who have eliminated/raided the employee pension fund, closed work places due to massive oversea outsourcing or wall st. bankers stealing the equity out of hard working Americans' homes, dealing a death blow to the American dream.
Politicians oppose any type of aid or break for Americans because their own golden parachutes insure that themselves and their family maintain a standard of living which few Americans can afford or will ever know for themselves.
by Lou Daveeko November 07, 2016
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When a man gets naked, lays on his back, stretches out his sack to make a bowl shape out of his sack. Once the bowl is formed he must urinate on himelf and try to make as much urine into the bowl as possible. Now, maintaining positive control of the sack you must stand up, walk up to somebody and splash the urine on the person preferably a woman who is being an extreme ass hole!!!
by nasty bitch!!! March 24, 2011
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When your boy friend pisses on your umbrella and you jump off the roof with it on to a massive dildo.
Dave didn't make it to the golf tournament today, he suffered a broken leg from performing a Golden Parachute last night.
by MeanJoeGreen1979 June 16, 2015
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