when having sex an your condom comes off, and you must get it out of your girlfriends vagina.
Man i was doing your girlfriend last night and i pulled out for sec, looked down and figured out i was going fishing.
by samurai_47 March 29, 2008
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using a coat hanger to give yourself and abortion
"I couldn't afford and abortion, so I had to go fishing."
by BioMechMoose June 4, 2005
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one who is small & odd shaped & married to a walrus...she appears from upstairs in her waders & pvc hat & coat carrying her pail & net to go & catch her hubbys dinner at the harbour...where u going dear? he asks (in fish language)...im going fishing 2 catch the supper dear, i wont b long......flap flap flap!!!!
oh look theres the neighbour going fishing again....is it? oh dear the pond must be empty again...i heard him splashing around at 4am!
by harbour master February 27, 2008
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When one takes a pubic hair and shoves it into another persons mouth.
Will was pissed at Gus, so he went fishing on Gus.
by Plastic Towel March 17, 2004
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The act of trying to meet women in order to get only a blow job (like going fishing with worms for bait).
Joe: hey matt, you're all dressed up. are you going to a club?

Matt: yea, i'm going fishing. want to be my wing man?

Joe: no... but, good luck
by Count Doucheula March 6, 2011
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This can be used when someone asks you to do something, pass something, get them something etc which you don’t want to do for them. You can also throw in nigga at the end if you want.
Person 1: Yo holmes pick me up something to drink from da shop.

Person 2: Go fish nigga
by pussy crew August 17, 2006
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term used as the answer "NO" to an annoying question that begins with "Do you have any..."
"Do you have any pencils I can borrow" "Go fish..."
by ILIKESOUP94 May 13, 2011
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