A descriptive word, slang pronounciation of the word 'Goth' or Gothic' used by juvenile delinquents in the U.K known as Chavs, Neds, Townies, Kevs and any other undereducated folk that cannot grasp the Egnlish language. Used to label those whom express themselves without designer logos, wear black and/or listen to alternative types of music.
Chav: 'Fecking goff. Ugly mingers'
Chav2: 'I can be a goff. Jus' slit me wrists and hate everyone.'
Chav1: 'If you be a goff I will chin ya.'
by Wynter June 18, 2005
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A word generally used by chavs who use the word "goff" to attempt to insult anyone who may be wearing one or more items of black clothing (either that or someone who isn't dripping in Elizabeth Duke gold plated jewellery, fake sports labels and burberry).
(A "goff" walks past a group of chavs outside McDonalds. "Goff" keeps his/her eyes down and keeps walking)
Chav 1: What yous looking at?
Chav 2: You wanna make something of that, you dirty little goff.
("goff" keeps walking - chavs lose interest)
by One is is called a goff February 07, 2005
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see gawth ;

An label used by ignorant people to taunt, and stereotype others of the teenage media gothic subculture
by Zigg Crow September 07, 2004
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1. Anyone who isn't a moronic, racist, squalor dwelling wanker in the middle of Blackbyrd Leys counil estate Oxford.

2. Anyone who's hair is over half an inch long.
"'Ere mate, your wearing a dark blue jumper...GOFFIC!!!"
by ozzyface January 22, 2004
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word used by townies or genral idiots, directed at anyone who wears anything black, or anything for that matter without a slogan stamped across it.
<a few alternatives are walking down a street, pass a crew of townies on the corner, go round the corner, then a few hundren meters on....>
Townie drone #1: FUKKIN' GOFFS
by chaz April 29, 2004
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How retards wearing burbury pronounce "goth"
"eh hes wearin jeans...GOFF!"
by mike December 29, 2003
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How moronic chavs say "goth" as they are unable to pronounce the "th"
Hey you goff! I'm gonna knock you spark out!
by Jon April 03, 2005
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