She's pretty, kind and intelligent. She knows her worth and her standards are high. She has a few friends but loves them all. She doesn't really talk about her problems because she doesn't want others to worry about her. One would be lucky to be her boyfriend because her love is very genuine, she will spoil the one she loves. She values time with God. Overall glory is one of a kind. Cherish her.
Ohh yeah that's Glory
by Itsokaynottobeokay January 30, 2021
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Glory is by far the nicest person you'll ever meet. She's sensitive, she's caring, she'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. She's very quiet but that only makes her words even more valuable. She can be a bit childish at times and is a bit needy but she means well.
Never let Glory go, she's the best
by CRSN June 19, 2020
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A fun loving girl whose super power is sarcasm. She is one who prefers to keeps her feelings to her self . She is also an introvert who is always at the back of classes. She is lazy and always avoids anything stressful.
Girl 1: Have you seen Glory

Girl 2: Check the last row
by Chloe Damon June 22, 2020
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Glory is a girl that can speak her mind but still be really quiet, glory is beautiful and never tries to hurt anyone, Glory can be complicated but in all she will love you for who you are, she's clingy and cute, she always makes you smile even when you are crying, glory is truly an amazing person and if you let her go then you best believe you got a poblem. I love you glory
Me: I miss my girlfriend
Friend: her name is Glory right?

Me: how'd you know?
Friend: you can tell by her compation for you
by Khscupcake August 3, 2019
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A RainWing from Wings of fire. Since Queen Scarlet killed the SkyWing egg, Webs got a rainwing for the prophecy. She is very sarcastic and smart. Like all rainwings, She can change the color of her scales.
Tsunami in chains: *Glares at Kestrel* And what if I feel like singing all night?



Clay: I kind of like it!

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Glory is the best. She eats a lot, but is still skinny. She is heavenly, and will always be nice. She can is very talented, and will always have your back. She is ridiculously funny, but if you test her, she will find you, and she will hurt you. Don't mess with her, because she is smart, and she will prove you wrong. She is extremely loyal, and has loyal friends too. Hurt her and her friends will come for you. Hurt her friends and she'll come for you.
Boyfriend: I want to break up with Glory
Boyfriend's friend: Don't do that! She's the best. Also, her friends will come for you
by Toot too24 October 2, 2019
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Pronunciation: 'glor-E
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural glories
Etymology: Elon University; Middle English glorie, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin gloria

1 a : Natural Light, Milwaukee's Best Light (Beast), or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Cheap, cold, and plentiful.

2 a : praise, honor, or distinction extended by common man to alcoholic beverages, especially Natural Light : RENOWN b : worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving <giving glory to the thirsty>
"Mike you look thirsty, let's go have the glory."

(Walking into a liquor store with hands raised in the air in udder awe of the awesomeness surrounding) "Glory!!"

Usage: Having the Glory.
by wzkwzk May 9, 2007
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