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1. A thing or person characterised by their (usu. extreme) Australian-ness. Esp. refers to persons with heavy Australian accents and mannerisms. Typically used as an insult. See also bogan.
"He's from Central Queensland and he's really occa."
"Steve Irwin is way too occa to be real."
by Denbe February 21, 2005
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Adj. Calling something occa is analogous to calling something Aussie. It's used to describe something or someone that's Australian in some sense. Someone that has typical Australian characteristics like a thick

Aussie accent, eats Vegemite, plays footy, grew up in the country, and whose name can be affixed with an O, or azza (DamO, SteveO, Dazza etc..).

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BOGAN. Bogans are more anti immigrant (ironically) amongst other things, whereas someone that's occa is more likely to have a buy you a VB and welcome you to Australia.
Geez, the Honey badger's got the thickest Aussie accent and loves a laugh

Yeah he's pretty occa ay!
by sneakydingo89 August 05, 2020
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