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Pronounced "Ayen Deheneres", this pop TV icon has revolutionized the talkshow world with her show, "The Ellen Show".
"Hey, bro, did you see Ellen yesterday?" "Nah, but Ellen DeGeneres is a cool person."
by NevadaDude June 30, 2016
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The best comidian ever. Wonderful, amazing and heart filling. Some people have a problem with her being gay, but who cares? It doesnt affect anything and why do you care? It's not your life!! She is married to Portia De Rossi and has her own tv show.
Ellen Degeneres is awesome!!
by Ellen_lover_forever January 14, 2015
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An homosexual actress who, in 1997 managed to play the role of an homosexual woman who decides to stop to be a crypto-lesbian. Both the character and the actress ended up coming out simultaneously... and on National TV.
Thank to people like Ellen DeGeneres, we will come to the plain understanding of the fact that a lesbian is just another ordinary person.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
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