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the sensitive area on a penis where the head (glans) and the shaft meet on the bottom side.
After years of boring blowjobs she knelt in front of me and tongued my frenulum;it was the quickest that I had ever gotten off !
by John R. December 09, 2003
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Generally refers to the small area on the back of penis that connects the bread to the rest of the penis. Importantly, the frenulum is an area with lots of nerves and therefore is very sensitive and pleasurable.
The frenulum is kinda like a g-spot for guys.
by xraravezx February 20, 2015
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1) A small frenum.

2) Small thin piece of flesh that connects an area of skin to a mucous membrane (ie: underneath the tounge; between the lips and gums; between the penile foreskin and shaft)

3) Small sensitive piece of skin located underneath the glans of the penis that connects the foreskin to the the shaft (often removed during circumcision).

4) Sexually erogenous zone on the bottom of the penis.
You should never get your frenulum pierced!
by Kurt91 June 08, 2004
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The erogenous teather of the ridged band also called Taylor's band to the frenular delta and glans penis. Provides sexual pleasure when stretched by retracting the foreskin also serves to keep the foreskin forward protecting the glans penis and meatus.
When the penis becomes erect the traction on the frenulum provides extreme pleasure for the male.
by Graham January 03, 2004
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The cord on the underside of a uncircumcised virgin guy's penis head. Destroyed in a haze of ectasy and pain the first time he has sex or during circumcision.
Luis moaned with pleasure as he lost his frenulum during his first ejaculation. Jake would never know the pleasure, having had his frenulum destroyed by circumcision.
by cirkedboi May 29, 2012
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