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A "death nugget" is the final stage that sometimes occurs when "giving birth to Pumbaa" aka when you're on the toilet having a shit and you may have pushed out your main log, but you know there's still a bit left that you're dying to push out to make you feel so much better ... it's the unholy spawn of your colon ... when pushing out this final nugget it will feel like you've just had an exorcism ... the relief afterwards is like how Kif Kroker felt when he finally gave birth on Futurama
I'm waiting to push out this death nugget ... begone unholy spawn, please leave my body, I know you're still in there
by SM_defined February 18, 2021
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To give birth to Pumbaa is to push out a huge log ... to have a shit ... It's big, brown and smelly just like Pumbaa from The Lion King ... think of Pumbaa being born.
by SM_defined August 1, 2020
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