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23 definitions by Frainslug

1.A statement made when a bad accident or mishap happens.
2.A phrase uttered before you put the hurt on someone.
1. Spectator: "Here comes Earnhardt." "Holy shit, he is MOVING!"
Waltrip: "Ooops" ...and slams into the wall at 170 mph.
Spectator: "Oh, thats going to leave a mark."

2. Sniper: "Any targets?"
Spotter: "Got 2 combatants at 450 yards behind the berm, north of the building."
Sniper: "Got em." "Night night sugar pie"
Spotter: "Ouch, thats going to leave a mark."
by Frainslug April 2, 2007
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What an Irishman calls a 6 pack of beer and a boiled potato.
American: I remember once, the wife and I enjoyed a seven course meal.

Irishman: Hell, I have a seven course meal everynight!
by Frainslug April 3, 2007
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To actually be larger than first thought or to have the ability to hide it well.
Employee #1 Damn, did you see that new HR girl?
Employee #2 Sure did! Saw her bent over the candy bowl, dominating it. She's sneaky big!!!
Employee #1 No way! She looks hot!
Employee #2 Look, there she is now, at the candy bowl again. Check out that backside.
Employee #1 Damn!!! Never noticed it before, she is sneaky big!!!
Employee #2 Id still hit it though!
Employee #1 Not if I was on it first!!!
by Frainslug February 14, 2006
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To fix something by cobbeling together. Not only is duct tape a mainstay in the southern engineers tool box, but so is bailing wire. Typical uses for the bailing wire are any applications where welding would normally be used.
Jethro: "Hey Jim-Bob, my muffler is draggin and causing all sorts of racket".
Jim-Bob: "Git you some of dat bailin wiar and tie er up".
Jethro: "Good idea Jim-Bob, where is it at?"
Jim-Bob: "Over yonder, in ma tool box, under the duct tape".
Jethro: "Thank god you went to the Po-dunk A & M community college in Stump Jumperville and got your GED on that Southern Engineer course"!
by Frainslug February 20, 2006
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To continue to suck the hog leg until it is soft and not stopping after you have dropped your load.
Chick: "Huu, ugg ugg, ugg"
Dude: "Keep going, dont stop"
Chick: "OK, but dont cum in my mouth"
Dude: "You better shut up and suck it soft!"
by Frainslug March 14, 2007
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"Twist and Suck". When your sugar mama uses a twisting or corkscrew motion working the manpole while pleasuring you orally. Much better result than her just using the mouth, plus it gets all the "poison" out. The resulting effort should feel if your pecker is about to be pulled off at any moment and the hand print should remain for at least 3 hours after completion.
Dude#1: Hey, see that bartender babe over there?
Dude#2: Yea, what about her?
Dude#1: Go ask her for a T & S
Dude#2: A tea with sugar?
Dude#1: No ya moanbone, a twist and suck!
by Frainslug February 3, 2006
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To suddenly disappear or not be at the appointed place at the appointed time.
Tony: "Hey, I'm ready to make this call guys."
Sean: "Who you making it with?"
Tony: "One of the engineers.....Hey, where the fuck did they go?" "I got six guys on the line here and he was just here 2 seconds ago."
Mark: "Looks like he did a Mallory on you."
by Frainslug March 20, 2007
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