mathematics used mostly in shopping, to make someone feel better about buying an expensive thing
If my bag is 5000 euros, its not that expensive, because i wear it 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, for at least 10 months, so its at maximum 25 euros per wear, and thats not very expensive. I LOVE girl math!
by September 9, 2023
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The fuzzy-and-funny logic used by female digital natives (who proudly boast about not being born or blessed with the “math gene”) to rationalize why they are getting a pretty good deal as far as their time, money, and convenience are concerned, compared to those who think or act differently from them.
Girl math” may debatably be likened to the female equivalent of Yogi-isms or Yogi Berra’s “aphorisms.”
by Numerati October 7, 2023
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When a pair of cute shoes retail at $89 and you find them on sale for $29; you did not save $60, yet this means you have $60 yet to spend!
Cassie: OMG, these are only $29??
Melissa: Nice, what's the retail?
Cassie: $89
Melissa: You have $60 left to spend!
Melissa & Cassie: GIRL MATH!!
by NYIrishEyes February 12, 2010
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An illogical reasoning and justification to making an unnecessary purchase used primarily by women.

When someone wants to purchase something, this purchase often being more than they should make, they will make illogical reasoning to justify the purchase, this reasoning is known as "girl math." There is reasoning behind the "girl math," but the reasoning is strongly biased towards the impulsive desires of the user to make the purchase and isn't very logical when taking everything into account from the person's income, to the cost of the purchase, to the necessity of the item.

Some examples of "girl math" are:
- Someone says "I made sixty dollars today!" when they bought something discounted for $440 that was usually $500.
- When buying $300 shoes, "it's less than a dollar a day if I wear them for a year." This "girl math" is commonly used as marketing in product advertisements as well.
- When returning an item, "I made an extra $120 today," followed by immediately going to the store to spend all of it because it was extra money.
- When purchasing something from the store, "it's free because I'm using cash." The reasoning coming from the fact that the purchase won't effect the person's funds in their bank account.
Got this $260 pair of shoes for free because I used cash! Girl math!
by Mr Bilbo Swaggins September 26, 2023
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It is when you put an expense in terms that a girl can understand. If it costs $300.00 to get your brakes fixed, that is 4 pairs of shoes and three tubes of lipstick in girl math.
Kenzie: A: OMG! That speeding ticket is going to cost me $200.00!
Amber: That is like 2 pairs of shoes, 1 bottle of nail polish and 2 packages of skittles and a diet coke in girl math.
by ICT-TARA April 1, 2010
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A form of math that is fake
Hamas Terrorist: I will take 100 hostages
Israeli citizen: No, please no
Hamas Terrorist: Okay, I'm only taking 50 hostages. I could have taken 100, but I decided to take 50. Therefore, I freed 50 hostages. I just did some girl math.
by Eushshtb October 29, 2023
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Typically a rich white girl possibly non-white but unlikely, She is annoying rude snobby and rich. She says she works for everything she has but she doesn't. She normally will have over 100 followers on tik tok or instagram, She is normally seen with braces or invisa-lign because she has horrible teeth. Her gums tend to be large or inflamed looking and pale. She wears glasses and often has straight hair. She may go by the names "Kylie" "Lauren" "Madison" "Hope" or "Charlie" or really any white girl name. She thinks she is extremely popular when most of her friends are only fake friends who are there for the money, Girl in math class often appear around 5th-6th possibly even as late as 12th grades but no younger than 4th grade and no older than 24yo. She thinks she works hard when she really just sleeps with the teacher or is getting "daddy's money", girl in math class is such a popular term that rapper "Juice Wrld" or "JuiceTheKidd" or "Jarad

Anthony Higgins" mentioned the term in his hit song with "Benny Blanco" "Graduation". When girl in math class gets a bad grade she will often say that she was absent but bad grades are uncommon with girl in math class because she sleeps with the teacher no matter what the gender of the teacher is. You do not want to be a girl in math class.
"damn bro she a real girl in math class"
"I know she is so annoying and her gums are bigger than her teeth"
by @therealoglilbag December 8, 2020
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