Almost always male of gender. A great saxophone player. Has ligt brown dreamy eyes but very dark brown hair. Loves to show a girl a good time. Has a strong heart with great interests and intentions. Very smart. Innovative. Creative. One of the best people you will ever meet
-wow he's cool
-I know right?
-who is he?
-he must be jarad
by Spartanhunter88 June 25, 2015
A Jarad is a crazy, outgoing, guy that usually has tattoos and/or facial peircings. A Jarad is usually with his shirt off and never with his socks on, never far from a joke and never close to anger. Jarads typically enjoy Metal Music and alcohol and are usually classified as scene
Jarad sure does have a lot of hair and tattoos!
by HotBahmiBard August 3, 2011
A super gay dude with way too many girl friends. He has brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. He know how to make people laugh but is very introverted. He loves videogames and loves anything GGGAAAYYYY. He always cares about how people feel and will do anything to make them feel better.
Person:I feel like shit
by AGayFag June 3, 2019
Similar to the term on god, but referring to the late hip hop artist Juice WRLD, meant to express the seriousness of someones point in a situation
by Dimbolinde222 December 10, 2019
A "dead" rapper, also goes by the name of Juice WRLD.
ah damn Jarad Higgins died?
by Juice WRLDDD#0999 (DISCORD) March 16, 2021
hey look Jarad Carr. Ask him for a ride!

Spider me bro !
by zbros11 November 28, 2011