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A woman who had her best years in the 1980's and can't get past it. Always looks like she is in a Whitesnake video. Lists Journey as her fave band and likes BBQ flavored corn nuts as a snack.
Scott's mom is a total 80's lady. I don't know what is worse, her taste in snack food or her music. Who is Journey anyway?
by ICT-TARA January 07, 2011

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It is when you put an expense in terms that a girl can understand. If it costs $300.00 to get your brakes fixed, that is 4 pairs of shoes and three tubes of lipstick in girl math.
Kenzie: A: OMG! That speeding ticket is going to cost me $200.00!
Amber: That is like 2 pairs of shoes, 1 bottle of nail polish and 2 packages of skittles and a diet coke in girl math.
by ICT-TARA March 31, 2010

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The act of throwing raw biscuit dough at moving cars.
Let's drink some malt liquor and go hungry jacking tonight.
by ICT-TARA June 02, 2011

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When school or activities get cancelled or postponed due to unbelievable amounts of snow.
Dude! Thank God school was snow-poned today! I have not even looked at my homework!
by ICT-TARA February 09, 2011

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When an older woman tries to dress young to be "cool". Usually involves jeans with rhinestones, Ed Hardy shirts, multi-highlighted hair, and some serious heels to finish off the look. Usually very embarrassing to her kids who are in either middle or high school. Still lives in the 80's with her music. Will still wait in line to see Bon Jovi.
"Man, Karly's mom thinks she is still hot. With her halter top and tight jeans, she definitely qualifies as 'mutton dressed as lamb'."
by ICT-TARA January 07, 2011

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