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The name of a hillbilly cat. This cat is usually thicc
Alex: What's your cat's name?
Joe: His name is Higgins.
Alex: Seriously! Higgins? That sounds like a hillbilly name!
Joe: no u
by mathgang191 February 09, 2019
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A Boss, a person of great importance among a group of people. When this person speaks you listen. Royalty, sometimes almost Boss-like.
Who's that? oh he's a Higgins he's a Boss. When he speaks we listen.
by O H May 23, 2008
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Getting a hand job while giving a piggy back ride.
The word Higgins comes from the combination of hand+piggy

Jessica Hated walking home from school. So much infact, that she would supply her half of a Higgins for transportation

Jim liked getting a Higgins from Sarah because she was light weight, easy to carry, and devoted to supplying a performance worthy of a climax.
by Jack Elkin March 11, 2010
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A celebratory statement. Often used by a party in a joyous, surprised, or excited state. Other variations include: Oh higgins!, Oh my higgins!, What the higgins? and Higgins higgins higgins!
Friend 1: Wow that girl has a great ass. Friend 2: Ohh higgins!!
by JHiggins May 25, 2007
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higgins is a word used to describe the physically impossible event of a woman recieving penetrating sex from a man in her ear. The word was invented in Maidstone, Kent in England and is used by school kids and students.
student 1 - "cor that bird is well fit"

student 2 - "ya, sure she aint"

student 1 - "i'd love to stick it in her ear!"

students 1&2 - "HIGGINS!!!"
by PedroXL September 30, 2006
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An internet gimp, a completely pointless, spamming poster whose sole purpose in life is to annoy people. Usually a billy-no-mates with an outdated haircut and a fetish for pastry goods and masturbation.
Did you read that thread on Mullets today?

No, some HIGGINS kept posting shit on it so I got bored and gave up.
by Mullet-Hater March 10, 2008
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