act of obtaining the riches or worth you deserve without concern of haters.
Man in this crazy dog eat dog world, you gotta get yours'.
by ed D January 18, 2015
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An expression that implies someone experiencing orgasm in the casual sense.
"Dang woman! I get mine everytime! Why do you have trouble getting yours?!"
by wraxus November 20, 2005
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To want to leave with urgency. To leave a social function in a huff or in anger
After being insulted by uncle Ted, mom stormed out of the room, saying Bob, get your coat we're leaving
by Battyguy August 30, 2013
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A warning in which you let someone know to tell the person they are with to either relax or to stop acting in an irrational manner
Hey Kyle why is ya boy akin up, get your mans bro
by SydMak March 24, 2019
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When one mentally prepares him/herself for any criminal act they plan on committing, to better prepare for said criminal activity.
"Hey Lauren! You better get your thug on before we knock off this bank nigga!"
by Brannon Booth August 25, 2006
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Move quickly, or more quickly than you were moving before. Speed it up, start running, let's go!
Jason: Hurry up Jessica! Get your jog on!
by AEI June 9, 2007
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To get sex.

In Ireland, a man may say he got his hole when he got some sex.

Women may appropriate the phrase to mean they got laid too, despite the fact that they are the party with the hole in question, but this is uncommon.
I got me hole last night; met this bird at a bar; she was great!

I saw you leaving the party with that woman. Did you get your hole?
by Josifer October 21, 2009
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