Really high quality stuff, mostly used to discribe weed, but can be used as an adjective for most anything.
That was some dank ass herb we just smoked. Or: Your mom makes some dank ass cookies.
by Kate-lin June 28, 2005
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Also an expression frequently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality that works at a cookie store.
she looks so much cuter than the( d.a.) Dank ass holding her
by manda pander March 19, 2010
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formely used to describe how high someone is. just like saying drunk ass
get off you muthah fuckin dank ass and make me some mexican food, mom.
by whooooooooooooooo August 12, 2011
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Dank ass Doritos. Used to describe how great or good your Doritos are.
person 1 : Hay, Yo, M8 let me get some of those Dank ass Doritos

person 2 : Na fam these my Dank ass Doritos. Get your own.
by FLASHTHESTROBE September 16, 2015
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A quantity of marijuana that is extremely potent / smelly.
I'm smoking some dank ass shit tommorow.
by thegame2 December 3, 2009
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Really fine cannabis. High quality marijuana that provides an intense effect.
Yo. We be hittin' an' jammin' at da party after smokin' some dank ass weed.
by Billy Be Da Poppa' October 22, 2015
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1.Oxymoron: Dank as in good weed and schwag as in terrible weed.

2. What a drug dealer calls normal schwag so dumbasses will buy it.

3. What you call schwag you baught at cronic prices as to avoid embarresment.
It wasnt cronic, but it was some dank ass schwag.
by Smokey McDank September 5, 2009
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