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Where a political party proclaims a mandate after clearly losing an election, because by the use of gerrymandering they managed to retain control of the House of Representatives. When if anything near a reasonable redistricting system would of been in place, they would of easily of lost that control.
In the 2012 Presidential election, Republicans maintained control of the House of Representatives even though they lost states like Ohio and got less of the congressional votes. However, because of abusive gerrymandering in Ohio, they ended up with 12 of the 16 congressional seats available in the state. When afterwards they claimed to have their own "mandate" from the voters, they only really had a gerrymandate, because they actually got less votes in the House of Representatives than the Democrats did and kept control by gaming the system, not because it was the will of the voters.
by Hauntedsoup November 09, 2012
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