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Gerbilizing is the act of inserting a gerbil into one's rectum for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

Proper Gerbilizing requires assembling the following paraphenalia:

- A Healthy Gerbil
- Duct Tape
- String
- A Lead Pipe

One begins gerbilizing by first wrapping the animal's claws with duct tape so that the target anus and rectum will not be ruptured during the act. One then proceeds to lubricate the anus and the exterior surface of a small lead pipe. One then inserts the pipe into the target rectrum. The pipe must be inserted to a sufficient distance for the gerbil to fully enter the rectum. Finally, a string is tied around the gerbil's midsection and the rodent is run up the pipe into the target rectum. The pipe is then removed leaving the gerbil embedded in the target rectum with only the string protruding. At this point, the gerbil will squirm and convulse inside the rectum providing the target with intense rectal stimulation. Once the gerbil is exhausted or anal orgasm is achieved, the gerbil is removed by tugging gently on the protruding string.

It is widely held that actor Richard Gere partakes in the act of Gerbilizing.
-Man, I heard a couple of gerbils disappeared from the science lab last week.

--Dude, I just saw Benny lifting a pipe from that new house they're building on 52nd. You don't think..

-Christ, he's at the Gerbilizing again. I thought his last trip to the ER scared him straight.

by Teve Torbes March 07, 2008
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