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The type of crappy journalism that results in urban myths such as "Richard Gere stuffed a gerbil up his ass."
I read blogs, but more an more they seem to practice gerbilism rather than serious journalism.
by bukowsky December 05, 2008

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The little dried pieces of flegm, mung, snot, and boogers on one's computer screen from continuous coughing without covering one's mouth.
Dude, I can hardly read this Urban Dictionary definition because of all your damned screen freckles!
by bukowsky January 05, 2010

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Hey Brett, no one really wants to see Junk Mail photos of your JUNK, okay idiot?
by bukowsky October 12, 2010

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Coined by former SportsCenter anchor, Dan Patrick, used in place of the proper name of his former organization - ESPN

A formerly-great sports channel that introduced the world to such fantastic sports anchors as Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. Now known for overpaid, over-exposed, blowhard anchors such as Chris Berman and Stewart "boo-yah" Scott.
Hey, Dan, is there anyone left at the Mother Ship that likes Chris Berman, or are they all tired of his ridiculous, self-important attitude?
by bukowsky September 17, 2012

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Any politician willing and able to change his/her long-held beliefs - simply for the purposes of getting elected/re-elected.

Any person employed as a candidate for the purposes of assigning whatever political ideals that may be popular at that particular moment.

- see Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney has changed so many political positions that he seems like a Political Mannequin
by bukowsky September 16, 2012

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What occurred during the post-Stanley Cup WTF Riots of 2001.
Eh, Gord. Did you see them people burning them cop cars after the hockey game? What's that all aboot?

Oh, yeah. You bet. That was eh-narchy!
by bukowsky June 15, 2011

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Reality show term (apparently) meaning to scare the living hell out of a famous pop star and cause her to increase her personal security detail.
"Remember, Nicki Menaj, you and I are gonna do a collide!"

"Crap, Joe! American Idol sure has some freakyshit on that show!"
by bukowsky January 18, 2013

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