gast is the welsh translation of the english word 'bitch'
ma chwaer ti yn gast cont
by Hywel August 23, 2004
State of being FARTED upon by an extremely obese man.
Shit! I just got gast on by Rosie O'Donnell!!
by Dave96 August 24, 2007
A demonic presence that can manipulate time and control magic . Also possesses mind control. Commonly found in dank corners.
I just heard a knock....maybe it was the gast
by ZerohBlackheart August 6, 2017
Pronounced 'jayste'. A combination of the words gel and paste, often used to describe the filling of Junior Mints.
by tayvincible January 11, 2008
When one is being extremely gay
Boy you need to quit being so Gast and hit on some bitches
by Ryan September 13, 2004
A machine gun of German origin dating back to the latter half of World War 1 that featured two barrels to increase the rate of fire, It was fed by two drum magazines and was mounted on only so many German fighter planes. A similar machine gun to the Gast is still used today on various Russian fighter/attack aircraft.
'The Mig-21 fighter plane is armed with a 23mm Gast gun installed in the airframe'.
by Snaffleman September 18, 2007